PharmaSchool In-House Courses

PharmaSchool is a leading provider of Clinical Research Training Courses to the Global Pharma, Biotech and Healthcare Industries. If you are part of an organisation and wish to train a group of staff at your own location then PharmaSchool In-house Courses will fulfil this need. Courses have been delivered across the World including countries as diverse as China, USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, UK, EU as well as many others.

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Categories of In-House Courses:
GCP,Guidelines & Regulations
Clinical Trial Methodology
Clinical Trial Conduct
Personal Effectiveness
PharmaSchool Online Learning

PharmaSchool Flexible Online Learning provides a wide range of modules and packages that are suitable for people currently working in clinical research or those who are seeking to enter the industry. We have thousands of current and completed users from over 70 countries of the World. PharmaSchool Corporate Schemes provide online training for organisations wishing to train multiple users with our Online Learning Modules.

Transcelerate Registered: GCP for Investigators & Site Staff

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Online Courses Include:
NEW: GCP Essential Guidelines
& Legislation 2016
ICH GCP Certificate
Introduction to Clinical Research
GCP for Investigators & Investigational Site Staff
Pharmacovigilance for Clinical Trials
CRA Development
Clinical Trial Designs


Ultimate GCP Challenge

To complete the Game you need to answer 75 questions correctly but as soon as you get a question wrong you go back to the start and start the challenge again with a different set of questions. There are over 500 questions you could be asked.

MALOCO_GAR ( United States )
ALEX ( Ukraine )
MALOCO_GAR ( United States )
SCHAPIE ( Netherlands )
MOJIDRA_C ( India )
EWA ( Poland )
ANI ( India )
ALEKSANDER ( Ukraine )
PharmaSchool Open Courses

PharmaSchool Open Courses are one day courses for individuals to attend. The price includes course manual, follow up material, lunch, tea and coffee and a certificate.

5th July 2016 (Oxford, UK)
6th July 2016
6th October 2016 (Oxford, UK)
5th October 2016 (Oxford, UK)
22nd September 2016 (Oxford)
PharmaSchool Expert Support

PharmaSchool Subject Experts are recognised experts in their field. As well as providing
training courses and designing other training solutions they also provide a variety of
Expert Support to the global pharma, biotech and healthcare industry.

This Expert Support ranges from individual short term projects (e.g. review and advice)
through to longer term contracts to assist with trials, products or development programs.
In some cases the support is a one-off event and in other cases the Expert becomes part
of your Team over a longer period of time.

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GCP Challenges
from PharmaSchool

Over the last 10 years PharmaSchool has provided a free weekly GCP & Clinical Research related challenge. With well over half a million attempts at these Challenges they are used across the World to test, learn and document knowledge.

Audits and Inspections
ICH GCP - A selection of questions
EU Clinical Trials Regulation - GMP
Statistical Tests

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